OEA Legislative Scorecard

A Legislative scorecard for each member of the Ohio General Assembly

OEA Government Relations has developed and will maintain a online legislative scorecard for each member of the Ohio General Assembly.

The scorecard tracks floor votes on bills for which OEA has taken a position (support/oppose) and notified legislators of this position.

Additionally, the scorecard tracks co-sponsors for bills OEA has intense interest in (for/against).

OEA Interactive Scorecard

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133rd House & Senate Vote Summary

  • House Bill 154: House Floor vote to repeal the failed state takeover law and Restore local control.  OEA supports this bill.  It passed by a vote of 83-12.
  • Vouchers Amendment: Senate floor vote to table an amendment to remove harmful voucher provisions from HB 166. The motion was passed 21-12. OEA opposed tabling the amendment.

133rd Co-Sponsorship of Key Legislation

  • House Bill 239: Co-sponsor of HB 239 the Testing Reduction Act.  The bill would reduce state-required testing and establish local work groups including teachers and parents aimed at reducing the testing load on students.  OEA Supports this bill.
  • House Bill 322: Co-sponsor of HB 322.  This bill would revise the Ohio Teacher Residency Program to be a two-year mentoring program and eliminate the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA).  OEA supports this bill.