OEA Legislative Scorecard

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Tina Maharath

Democrat District 3

Legislator Scorecard

  • Fair School Funding: (SB376) - OEA Position is yes; Tina Maharath Voted : YES
  • EdChoice Vouchers: (SB89) - OEA Position is no; Tina Maharath did not vote.
  • Vouchers: Vote to Table: (Vouchers) - OEA Position is no; Tina Maharath Voted : NO
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    OEA Comments on Current Bills

    • SB 89 expandeds performance-based eligibility for the EdChoice voucher program beyond 2019-20 levels and permanently increased income-based eligibility. OEA opposes this bill.
    • SB 378 is a companion bill to HB 305 the Fair School Funding Plan. OEA supports this bill.