OEA Legislative Scorecard

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Hearcel F. Craig

Democrat District 15

Notes: OEA endorsed candidate in last election.

Legislator Scorecard

  • Vouchers: Vote to Table: (Vouchers) - OEA Position is no; Hearcel F. Craig Voted : NO
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    OEA Comments on Current Bills

    • SB 39 strengthens charter e-school accountability and transparency. OEA supports this bill.
    • SB 85 would greatly expand private school vouchers in the state. OEA opposes this bill.
    • SB 240 would improve the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) based on recommendations of the Educator Standards Board. OEA supports this bill.
    • SB 246 would limit out-of-school suspensions and expulsions for K-3 students for most non-violent incidents and require schools to implement a positive behavior intervention and support framework (PBIS). OEA supports this bill.